About WoWCards.info

A full-featured card database for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, inspired by, but not related to, the excellent MagicCards.info.


Got questions, comments, bug reports? Please don't hesitate to contact me via email at contact@wowcards.info. I reply to every single mail unless you are completely rude, so don't be! I speak English and French, so you can write me in either language.

Q & A

Nobody actually asked these questions, but I'll provide the answers anyway. Got another question? Ask, and ye shall receive.

Q: A lot of cards still lack images, what's the matter? Updated!

A: There are only about 75 card images missing from the site. Most of them I will probably never get - for example, the Class Deck promos are almost never offered anywhere because there are very little starter decks sold compared to boosters.

Q: I'd really like to have a database like this on my mobile phone ...

A: You're in luck: you can just open the website on your phone and get a special version designed for mobile use. It works great on iPhones and modern Android devices, although the current version does have some occasional layouting quirks on iOS. Be aware that not all features of the desktop version are available in the mobile version, and if you are using a tablet, you'll get the normal version since that works just perfectly.

Q: Why is there no $language version of the site? I don't speak English.

A: It's a lot of work to even maintain a complete database in English language, so for the sake of not overcomplicating things I have opted to focus on English versions only. Also, while all cards are available in English, not all of them exist in other languages (for example, no German cards have been printed since Tomb of the Forgotten).

Q: The "Archives" edition seems to be missing from the database, what gives?

A: It's missing because I do not consider it a proper edition. It's merely a weird collection of foil/extended art reprints which don't even have their own edition tag, so they are virtually identical to the original cards - with the sole exception of the copyright line, which mentions CZE instead of UDE (and in some cases, not even that).