Drom'kor, Timewalker Necrolyte

Drom'kor, Timewalker Necrolyte

Horde Ally — Shadow damage 6/3 Orc Warlock — Play Cost: 5

If this ally would be destroyed, you may remove three Orc allies in your graveyard from the game. If you do, exhaust this ally and remove all damage from him instead.

If Drom’kor has 0 Health, you may remove three Orc allies from your graveyard any number of times. When you cannot, or choose not, he will be destroyed.

"I could use the timeways to cheat death, but why bother when there are more elegant ways?"

Art by: Markus Erdt

Tournament Legality:

  • Legal in Core
  • Legal in Block
  • Legal in Contemporary
  • Legal in Classic
War of the Ancients (127-R)