Master Hero — Ranged damage 1/38 Blue Dragonkin Aspect — Play Cost: 21

You pay 3 less to play Kalecgos for each ability you played this turn.

When you play a non-Ongoing ability, copy it. (You may choose new targets for the copy.)

The duplicate is added to the chain, and is not “played”. It copies the original’s name, play cost, type, tags, text, and current target, as well as all other choices that have been made for it, including modes, costs, and the value of X. If a duplicate refers to actions taken to pay its cost(s), it’s referring to the actions taken to pay the original’s cost(s). Any other self-references on the duplicate refer to itself rather than the original. Before adding a duplicate to the chain, you may choose new legal targets for it, or leave any of its current targets unchaged, even if they are no longer legal.

Master heroes start the game in a deck. A deck can include a Master hero with a certain name only if it contains no Master heroes with any other name. A Master hero enters a party face up with the same attachments, counters, damage, and ready/exhausted state as that party’s previous hero, and then that previous hero is removed from the game. A Master hero can’t be flipped or turned face down, and a hero removed from the game this way can’t leave that RFG zone. Any links targeting that previous hero now target the Master hero, and any modifiers to that previous hero now apply to the Master hero within their durations.

"The return of Deathwing has put the future of my flight in jeopardy."

Art by: Alex Horley Orlandelli

Tournament Legality:

  • Legal in Contemporary
  • Legal in Classic
War of the Elements (21-E)