Adam Eternum

Adam Eternum

Alliance Ally — Melee damage 5/3 Human Warrior — Play Cost: 3

Pay 2 or remove an honor counter from a card you control → Remove Adam from the game. Put him into play at the start of the next turn.

This power can be used only while Adam is in play. As part of Adam leaving play, any counters or damage on him are removed, all of his attachments are destroyed, he becomes an illegal target to any links targeting him, and he is removed from any combat. He returns to play only if he was removed from the game and remained in that zone continuously until his return. He returns to play ready, but unable to attack that turn (unless he somehow gains ferocity).

"By the power of Greybeard, I HAVE THE POWER!"

Art by: Miz Miao

Tournament Legality:

  • Legal in Classic
Fields of Honor (92-R)