Claemora Amberglare

Claemora Amberglare

Horde Ally — Ranged damage 2/4 Blood Elf Hunter — Play Cost: 4

When this ally enters play, target hero or ally has Assault 2 this turn.

Her looks are all the distraction her allies need to land a killing blow.

Art by: Matt Dixon

Tournament Legality:

  • Legal in Core
  • Legal in Block
  • Legal in Contemporary
  • Legal in Classic
Assault on Icecrown Citadel (67-C)
Scourgewar (166-C)
Class Starter 2011: Horde Hunter (16-C)
Class Starter 2011: Horde Paladin (12-C)
Class Starter 2013: Horde Death Knight (11-C)