Frostweaver Dakar'sith

Frostweaver Dakar'sith

Horde Ally — Frost damage 3/2 Blood Elf Mage — Play Cost: 3

Opposing heroes and allies can't attack unless their controller exhausts two other cards he controls for each attacker.

If a character is affected by this, its controller must exhaust two other cards as an additional cost to propose that character as an attacker. If that character is also affected by a “must attack if able” modifier, it is unable to attack (and consequently need not attack) unless its controller chooses to pay the additional cost.

If the proposal is interrupted, the proposed attacker doesn’t exhaust, the combat step doesn’t start, and the two other cards remain exhausted.

"The Scourge defiled Silvermoon once before. I will die before I see it happen again!"

Art by: Raymond Swanland

Tournament Legality:

  • Legal in Classic
Icecrown (131-R)