Frost Strike

Frost Strike

Instant Ability — Frost Talent — Play Cost: 3

Class Restriction: Death Knight

Frost Hero Required

Your hero deals frost damage to target hero or ally equal to the ATK of a weapon you control.

Up to X target opposing cards can't attack or exhaust this turn, where X is the ATK of a weapon you control.

You may target the same opposing hero or ally to be dealt frost damage and to ‘can’t attack or exhaust this turn.’

The number of targets that ‘can’t attack or exhaust this turn’ is locked in as you play this. Removing weapons in response has no impact.

The amount of frost damage your hero deals is checked as this resolves. If you don’t control a weapon at that time, no damage is dealt.

Text is processed in order, and so armor can be exhausted to prevent the frost damage before it ‘can’t exhaust this turn.’

Art by: Jonboy Meyers

Tournament Legality:

  • Legal in Classic
Icecrown (22-R)