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Mission: The Abyssal Shelf

Mission: The Abyssal Shelf


Pay 6 to complete this quest.

Reward: Roll six dice one at a time from 6 inches above play. For each die that lands on an opposing ally, put damage on it equal to that roll.

Before this effect resolves, each player is free to move his or her allies, but they must remain lying flat and wholly on the table within the boundaries of that player’s “normal play area,” which has the approximate dimensions of a playmat. Each opposing ally token must be temporarily proxied with a normal card. In addition, any opponent who is concerned about potential damage to a card may similarly proxy it.

Allies can’t be positioned so they overlap other characters. A die "hits" an ally if it comes to rest touching that ally or any object(s) touching or overlapping that ally, including sleeves, counters, or other cards.

Dice must be six-sided, between one and two centimeters wide, and must be rolled from at least six inches above play. If players can't agree on what dice to use, they may call a judge. "Rolling" dice includes simply dropping them. Each die is rolled individually and removed after it comes to rest. The same die can and usually will be rolled six times. As a die drops, players can’t interfere with it or any cards in play.

Art by: Justin Sweet

Tournament Legality:

  • Legal in Classic
March of the Legion (307-R)