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Flint Shadowmore

Flint Shadowmore

Alliance Ally — Melee damage 5/3 Human Rogue — Play Cost: 3

If this ally would deal combat damage, he may deal that much divided as you choose among any number of opposing heroes and/or allies instead.

This modifier potentially allows one packet to be replaced with multiple packets. Any attributes not specifically modified remain unchanged in the modified packet(s) (for example, combat damage). Because it's a "redirection" modifier, any non-prevention and non-redirection modifiers must be applied first, and the timing of its application is decided by the destination player (so that player may apply prevention or other redirection beforehand). However, once it's applied, all other choices (how that packet is divided and among which characters) are made by the source player. That player must specify a division such that each point of damage is assigned to a character. None, some, or all of that damage can be allocated to the original destination character. None of this uses the chain or targets any characters.

"Nathanos must pay for what he has done to the other SI:7 agents."

Art by: Ralph Horsley

Tournament Legality:

  • Legal in Classic
Scourgewar (133-E)