General Husam

General Husam

Monster Ally — Melee damage 0/0 Tol'vir Hunter Warrior — Play Cost: 5

Protector, Sentinel

Husam enters play with four +1 / +1 counters.

When an ally you control attacks, add a +1 / +1 counter to Husam.

If Husam would be dealt damage, remove that many +1 / +1 counters from him instead.

You apply Husam’s replacement modifier even if he has no +1 / +1 counters on him.
Husam’s power has the same timing as prevention modifiers. As such, the player controlling Husam chooses the order of how to apply those modifiers.
If more damage is dealt than the number of counters remaining on him, simply remove all counters.
Putting damage on Husam will not cause any counters to be removed.

"Invaders, you shall go no further!"

Art by: Ladrönn

Tournament Legality:

  • Legal in Core
  • Legal in Contemporary
  • Legal in Classic
Tomb of the Forgotten (121-E)