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Living Roots

Living Roots

Ability — Balance — Play Cost: 1

Class Restriction: Druid

Attach to target ally.

Ongoing: Attached ally can't attack or exhaust unless its controller pays 2.

The controller of an ally affected by this must pay 2 as an additional cost to propose that ally as an attacker. There is no additional cost for it to exhaust to attack. If it is also affected by a “must attack if able” modifier, it is unable to attack (and consequently need not attack) unless its controller chooses to pay 2. If the proposal is interrupted, the resources paid remain exhausted.

An ally affected by this can’t exhaust for any other reason unless its controller chooses to pay 2.

"The limbs of the wild will return you to the earth." - Jasmia, Nature's Chosen

Art by: Dan Brereton

Tournament Legality:

  • Legal in Contemporary
  • Legal in Classic
Twilight of the Dragons (32-C)