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Ally — Melee damage 8/7 Orc Warrior — Play Cost: 7

Argent Crusade Reputation


Cards everywhere are Unique.

Each card has the Unique tag in addition to any others. A uniqueness violation occurs any time a player controls two or more Unique cards in play with the same name, and must be repaired before the game continues. The violating player chooses a violating card to be destroyed by the game, and continues to do so until the violation is repaired. Destruction "by the game" can't be replaced. If multiple violations occur simultaneously, the turn player repairs all his violations first, then the next player clockwise, and so on. None of this uses the chain. A card with no name can’t have the same name as another card, so face-down resources are not destroyed.

"We are bound by blood and honor, brother. I will not forget you."

Art by: James Ryman

Tournament Legality:

  • Legal in Classic
Wrathgate (162-E)