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Nuvon Dawnfury

Nuvon Dawnfury

Horde Hero — Blood Elf Mage — 25 Health

On your turn: Flip Nuvon, discard a Mage → When you draw a card this turn, Nuvon may deal 1 arcane damage to target ally.

Resolving Nuvon's flip creates a triggered modifier that triggers when you draw a card. The triggered effect it creates is "Nuvon may deal 1 arcane damage to target ally." That target is not chosen until that triggered effect is added to the chain.

Multiple cards are drawn one at a time, so if you draw two cards, this power triggers twice and you may target a different ally for each triggered effect.

"The Nexus War places everything we've worked for at risk. Our very way of life will cease to be!"

Art by: Android

Tournament Legality:

  • Legal in Classic
Wrathgate (17-U)