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Surge of Life - WRG

Surge of Life - WRG

Instant Ability — Restoration — Play Cost: 3

Class Restriction: Shaman

Your hero heals 3 damage from target ally. You may ready that ally.

This card has received errata. The text above updates the printed text.

A deck for constructed play (including the side deck, if applicable) can include up to four copies of Surge of Life from Through the Dark Portal and four copies of Surge of Life from Wrathgate. If a decklist is used, it must be clear which card is in your deck.

"There's no time to rest. It's going to take all we have to stop the Lich King." - Zaritha

Art by: J.P. Targete

Tournament Legality:

  • Legal in Classic
Wrathgate (78-C)