Format: Core (Year 6 & 7)
Deck played by: Lin Xiao
Place: Top 8 of 159 participants
Hero (1)
1x Archimonde the Defiler Uncommon
Ally (23)
1x Bazul, Herald of the Fel Uncommon
4x Blackfang Tarantula Common
3x Commander Ulthok Epic
3x Doom Commander Zaakuul Epic
1x Gaktai Common
4x Pygmy Firebreather Common
4x Pygmy Pyramid Epic
3x Thoglos Uncommon
Ability (23)
3x Banish Soul Uncommon
3x Boundless Hellfire Rare
4x Legacy of Betrayal Epic
4x Life Tap Uncommon
4x Nightfall Rare
2x Shroud of the Nethermancer Rare
3x Soul Trap Uncommon
Equipment (4)
4x Bottled Spite Common
Location (2)
2x Shadowfang Keep Rare
Quest (8)
3x Signed in Blood Common
1x Traitors! Common
4x Wake of Destruction Uncommon