Format: Core (Year 4 & 5)
Deck played by: Hendrik Corneby
Place: Top 4
Hero (1)
1x Souldrinker Bogmara Uncommon
Ally (32)
4x Bloodsoul Common
4x Broderick Langforth Rare
4x Hesriana Rare
4x Onnekra Bloodfang Common
4x Rosalyne von Erantor Uncommon
4x Saurfang the Younger, Kor'kron Warlord Epic
4x Trade Prince Gallywix Epic
4x Twilight Vanquisher Knolan Rare
Ability (15)
3x Bloody Ritual Common
4x Lesson of the Nether Common
4x Searing Pain Rare
4x The Promises of Darkness Uncommon
Equipment (3)
3x Talisman of the Horde Uncommon
Location (2)
2x Kor'kron Vanguard Rare
Quest (8)
4x Death to the Traitor King Common
4x For Great Honor Common