Format: Core (Year 4 & 5)
Deck played by: Jonas Skali
Place: Top 8
Hero (1)
1x Sepirion the Poised Uncommon
Ally (16)
4x Azjol-anak Champion Rare
4x Broderick Langforth Rare
4x Grazzle Grubhook Common
4x Uruka the Cutthroat Rare
Ability (22)
2x Astral Recall Rare
4x Elemental Vision Common
4x Feral Spirit Rare
4x Incendiary Totem Uncommon
2x Purge Uncommon
4x Squall Totem Rare
2x Wind Shear Rare
Equipment (11)
4x Calamity's Grasp Rare
3x Edge of Oblivion Rare
4x Stormstrike Mace Rare
Quest (8)
4x All Things in Good Time Uncommon
4x Conversing With the Depths Common