61 cards

# Card name Type Rarity
1x Elycia of Gilneas Hero Uncommon
1x Aggressive Infiltration Ability Common
2x Annihilate Ability Common
1x Favor of Mischief Ability Common
1x Flesh Eating Poison Ability Uncommon
2x Gouge Ability Common
2x Infiltrate Ability Common
1x Pernicious Poison Ability Uncommon
1x Shadow Dance Ability Rare
3x Slay the Feeble Ability Common
1x Trickster's Gambit Ability Rare
2x Alador Stonebrew Ally Common
3x Hira Ally Common
2x Jeniva Prescott Ally Common
2x Jinie Swizzleshade Ally Common
2x Laenthor Shademoon Ally Common
3x Randipan Ally Uncommon
2x Roger Ulric Ally Common
3x Scaramanga Ally Common
2x Trixie Boltclunker Ally Common
2x Wyndarr Shadefist Ally Common
2x Barman Shanker Equipment Uncommon
2x Scarlet Kris Equipment Uncommon
1x Silent Crusader Equipment Rare
2x A Bird in Hand Quest Common
1x Blueleaf Tubers Quest Common
4x Entrenched Quest Common
4x The Essence of Enmity Quest Common
4x The Key to Freedom Quest Common
2x Mystery Goo Quest Common