61 cards

# Card name Type Rarity
1x Kalia of Silvermoon City Hero Uncommon
3x Drain Essence Ability Common
1x Dread Infernal Ally Rare
2x Fear Ability Common
2x Fel Blaze Ability Uncommon
1x Fel Flame Ability Rare
2x Immolate Ability Common
2x Life Tap Ability Uncommon
2x Maazhum Ally Common
2x Sarmoth Ally Common
2x Shadow Bolt Ability Uncommon
1x Siphon Life Ability Rare
3x Benethor Draigo Ally Common
2x Doom Ally Common
2x Garell Strout Ally Uncommon
2x Karkas Deathhowl Ally Common
2x Malistra the Demonmistress Ally Uncommon
3x Onnekra Bloodfang Ally Common
2x Tarn Darkwalker Ally Common
2x Tez Tez the Patchmonger Ally Common
3x Waz'luk Ally Common
2x Crimson Shocker Equipment Uncommon
3x A Bird in Hand Quest Common
1x Blueleaf Tubers Quest Common
3x Entrenched Quest Common
4x The Essence of Enmity Quest Common
4x The Key to Freedom Quest Common
2x What Illidan Wants, Illidan Gets ... Quest Uncommon