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Boss Hero — Crypt Lord — 6 Health

Assault 2

At the start of your turn, Anub'Rekhan deals 2 melee damage to a random raiding hero.

On your turn: 3 → Flip Anub'Rekhan face down.

When Abub'Rekhan flips to this side, put a Crypt Guard into play.

Anub'Rekhan can't attack.

When a hero or ally deals combat damage to Anub'Rekhan, he deals 2 nature damage to that character.

At the start of your turn, flip Anub'Rekhan.

"Closer now ... tasty morsels. I've been too long without food. Without blood to drink."

Art by: Raymond Swanland

Tournament Legality:

  • This card is not tournament legal
Naxxramas Raid Deck (2-R)