Format: Classic
Deck played by: Sascha Odoj
Place: 2nd
Hero (1)
1x Phadalus the Enlightened Uncommon
Master Hero (2)
2x Highlord Tirion Fordring Epic
Ally (17)
2x Adam Eternum Rare
1x Collidus the Warp-Watcher Epic
2x Crusade Engineer Spitzpatrick Common
1x Iravar Uncommon
2x King Varian Wrynn Epic
2x Mikael the Blunt Uncommon
2x Myriam Starcaller Common
1x Pappy Ironbane Uncommon
2x Rysa the Earthcaller Common
1x Savage Raptor Epic
1x Weldon Barov Epic
Ability (23)
4x Ancestral Awakening Rare
2x Chain Purge Uncommon
3x Earth Elemental Totem Rare
3x Squall Totem Rare
4x Tuskarr Kite Uncommon
3x Wavestorm Totem Common
4x Wind Shear Rare
Equipment (3)
3x Voice of Reason Rare
Location (4)
4x Eye of the Storm Common
Quest (11)
4x A Question of Gluttony Common
2x Cleansing Witch Hill Common
1x Corki's Ransom Common
2x Everfrost Common
2x The Boon of Alexstrasza Common
Sideboard (10)
2x Blackout Truncheon Rare
1x Chain Purge Uncommon
2x Marundal the Kindred Rare
1x Mikael the Blunt Uncommon
1x Pappy Ironbane Uncommon
2x Scrapper" Ironbane Common
1x Squall Totem Rare