Format: Core (Year 6 & 7)
Deck played by: Yang Liyan
Place: Top 4 of 159 participants
This deck is no longer valid for tournament play because it contains one or more banned cards, marked below.
Hero (1)
1x Grglmrgl Banned Uncommon
Ally (30)
2x Blackfang Tarantula Common
2x General Husam Epic
4x Gilblin Deathscrounger Rare
2x Gnash Rare
2x Harpy Matriarch Common
4x Jadefire Scout Common
2x Lockmaw Rare
3x Moroes Rare
4x Pygmy Firebreather Common
4x Pygmy Pyramid Epic
1x Yertle Rare
Ability (16)
4x Concussive Barrage Rare
3x Legacy of the Legion Epic
2x Monstrous Strike Common
3x Monstrous Upheaval Common
4x Obliterating Trap Uncommon
Equipment (4)
4x Bottled Spite Common
Location (3)
3x Shadowfang Keep Rare
Quest (8)
4x If You're Not Against Us ... Common
4x Wake of Destruction Uncommon